What is Infilokr ?

InfiLokr is a Blockchain technology based cloud platform which allows you to store your digital documents securely on a de-centralised blockchain network.

Your files are encrypted with SHA 256 technology before storing on the cloud.

For every transaction you make, you receive a unique Hash- i.e. a 128 character code which identifies your files with a Time-stamp which cannot be tampered with.
Manage your files and share your files with known stakeholders with a secret key!

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Safety of your digital documents with Blockchain Technology

Your Real Estate, Property, Education, Financial as well as other important documents are always secured and with you, in your hands.. You can retrieve them anywhere anytime.

How Infilokr Works

Sign In & Upload

Infilokr Platform provides a web based front-end interface for any User to sign-up and start uploading digital files.


Each file is then encrypted using SHA256 principle, Stored in IPFS and a "Hash" generated.

Upload to Blockchain

This Hash is then stored on a public blockchain which is certified by other nodes.

Blockchain Receipt

After which a unique transaction number, block number and a Hash are produced.

Share with ease

The User can retreive and / or share his digital files to others by creating a 4-digit secret pin of his choice


The Infilokr platform also provides the User with Dashboard containing Analytics and transaction activities.

Your secret key

Infilokr does not store the User's Digital files on its platform. The User holds the secret key to retreive and / or share.


Infilokr also partners with "Affliates / Agencies" commercially to upload digital files and create blockchain records.

Handle all your digital files with one click !

Digital file secure storage and distribution at a click, infilokr provides a User-friendly interface with powerful features such as upload, share, modify profile, dashboard with analytics and more...

Proof of ownership

The Hash created for each digital file is a evidence.

Proof of existence

Ensure that your digital files existed at a certain point in time.

Proof of integrity

Monitor in real time the integrity of your digital files.



Only you can access your data. We encrypt and extract a cryptographic identifier and publish it into the blockchain.


The blockchain is public and fully distributed: anyone with internet can access it from anywhere.

Global Validity

Transactions are independently verifiable by any blockchain explorer.

Forensically Auditable

Blockchain-based hashing and time stamping is a irrefutable evidence of the existence and the integrity of data.

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